Mag Ualghairg

Rev Patrick Woulfe

Mag UALGHAIRG—IVMagowlricke, Magollricke, M'Gworlick, Magolrick, Magorlick, MacGolrick, MacGoldrick, MacGouldrick, MacGorlick, Golrick, Goldrick, Goulrick, Gouldrick, Golderick, Godrick, (Goulding, Golding, Golden); 'son of Ualgharg' (proud-fierce, a favourite personal name among the O'Rourkes); the name of a branch of the O'Rourkes in Co. Leitrim and other parts of Connacht, in which province the name is very common, but generally anglicised Golden, Goulding, Golding, which greatly obscures its origin. It is also a very common surname in Fermanagh and Donegal where, however, it probably represents a different family.

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