Mag Oireachtaigh

Rev Patrick Woulfe

Mag OIREACHTAIGH—IV—MacGeraghty, Mageraghty, MacGerety, MacGerrity, Geraghty, Geraty, Gerety, Gerity, Gearty, Gerty, &c.; 'son of Oireachtach' (member of a court or assembly); a variant of Mag Aireachtaigh, which see; the name of an ancient and respectable Connacht family, of the same stock as the O'Connors. They were chiefs of Muinntear Roduibh in Co. Roscommon until dispossessed about the middle of the 16th century. Even as late as 1585, they formed a distinct clan, with a recognised chief of the name, who, however, was then seated in O'Kelly's country of Ui Maine. The name is still common in Connacht, and also in parts of Leinster, where branches of the family are long settled. The original surname was Ó Roduibh, but towards the end of the 12th century the descendants of Oireachtach Ó Roduibh assumed the present surname. Mag Oireachtaigh is often shortened in the spoken language to Mag Oireacht. Compare with Ó hOireacht for Ó hOireachtaigh.

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