Mag Aonghuis

Rev Patrick Woulfe

Mag AONGHUIS, Mag AONGHUSA—IV—Maguiness, Maguinness, Magennis, Maginness, MacGuinnessy, MacGuinness, MacGenniss, Meginniss, &c.; 'son of Aonghus' (one-choice); variant of Mac Aonghuis, Mac Aonghusa; sometimes corrupted to Mag Naois and Mag Raois, which see; the name of an ancient and powerful family in Co. Down. They were originally dynasts of Clann Aodha, a subdivision of Ui Eathach Cobha, but in the course of the 12th century their power greatly increased, and they became chief lords of all Ui Eathach, now the baronies of Upper and Lower Iveagh. Many distinguished chiefs of the name are mentioned in the Irish annals. Towards the close of the 16th century, the name was found in many parts of Leinster and Connacht, and also in Co. Limerick, where the rare anglicised form, MacGuinnessy, is now found.

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