Mac Sheóinín

Rev Patrick Woulfe

Mac SHEÓINÍN—VM'Sheonin, M'Shonyne, M'Johnine, M'Jonine, M'Joning, (Jennings), O'Keoneen, Keoneen; 'son of Jonin' (diminutive of John); a patronymic surname assumed by a branch of the Burkes in Connacht from an ancestor named Seóinín, or little John Burke. The initial S of the second part of the surname is now always aspirated, and the pronunciation is often Ó Ceóinín; hence the anglicised forms O'Keoneen, Keoneen. The influence of the Norman-French Jenin (see Mac Seinín above) has, however, made Jennings almost universal as the anglicised form.

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