Mac Raghnaill - Irish Names and Surnames

AuthorRev Patrick Woulfe
SourceIrish Names and Surnames

Mac RAGHNAILL—VM'Rainell, M'Ranald, M'Randal, MacRannall, MacRanald, MacRandell, MacCrindle, MacReynold, MacReynolds, Randalson, Rondalson, Reynoldson, Rannals, Randals, Randles, Ranolds, Reynolds, &c.; 'son of Reginald' (see Raghnall); the name of a family of the same stock as the O'Farrell who were chiefs of Muinntear Eolais, in the south of Co. Leitrim; also a Scottish surname; often pronounced Mac Rághnaill and Mac Raonaill.

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