Mac Giolla Dhuibh

Rev Patrick Woulfe

Mac GIOLLA DHUIBH—IVM'Gilleduff, M'Gilleguffe, M'Gilduff, M'Kilduffe, MacIlduff, MacElduff, Gilduff, Kilduff, Duff, Black; 'son of Giolla Dubh' (the black youth); the name (1) of a Cavan family, the head of which was formerly chief of the barony of Tullygarvey; (2) of a family in Ui Maine, the head of which was chief of Caladh, in the barony of Kilconnell, Co. Galway; and (3) of a family of the Ui Fiachrach race in Co. Sligo. The name was also common in other parts of Ireland and in Scotland.

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