Mac Fhlannchadha

Rev Patrick Woulfe

Mac FHLANNCHADHA, Mac FHLANNCHAIDH—IVM'Clanachy, M'Clanaghy, M'Clanchy, M'Clanky, M'Clansy, MacClancy, Clanchy, Clancy; 'son of Flannchadh' (ruddy-warrior); the name (1) of an ancient family in Co. Leitrim, who were chiefs of Dartry, now the barony of Rosclogher, and had their seats at Rosclogher and Dungarbry; and (2) of a Thomond family, a branch of the MacNamaras, who were hereditary brehons or judges to the O'Briens, and resided at Knockfin and Cahermaclancy, in the north-west of Co. Clare.

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