Mac Donnchadha

Rev Patrick Woulfe

Mac DONNCHADHA, Mac DONNCHAIDH—IVM'Donoghue, M'Donnoghie, M'Donaghy, M'Donchie, M'Denis, MacDonnagh, MacDonough, MacDonogh, MacDonagh, MacDona, MacDunphy, Donoghue, Donohoe, Donaghy, Donogh, Donagh, Dunphy, Duncan, Dennison, Denison, Dennis, &c.; 'son of Donnchadh' (brown warrior, or strong warrior, an ancient and very common Irish personal name, anglicised Donough, Denis.) There are at least three distinct families bearing this surname: (1) A branch of the MacCarthys, who were chiefs of Duhallow, in Co. Cork, and at one time very powerful. Their principal seat was at Kanturk. (2) A branch of the MacDermotts of Moylurg, who were chiefs of Tirerrill and Corran, in Co. Sligo, and resided at Ballymote. The Book of Ballymote was compiled under their patronage. an offshoot of this family settled in Co. Clare, and thence spread into Co. Limerick. (3) A Scottish clan in Perthshire, said to be a branch of the MacDonalds. This family now anglicised their name Duncan, and some of them call themselves Robertson. See Mac Dhonnchadha.

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