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AuthorRev Patrick Woulfe
SourceIrish Names and Surnames

Mac DÁIBHIDH—VM'David, M'Davie, M'Davy, M'Dave, M'Day, M'Da, MacDavid, MacDavitt, Davy, Davey, Day, Davies, Davis, Davidson, Davison, Dawson, &c.; 'son of David' (a common name among the early Anglo-Norman settlers in Ireland). There are several distinct families of this name. Of these, two are native Irish, namely, MacDavid of Thomond and MacDavid of Wexford, the latter of the same stock as the MacMurroughs; and one Scottish, once numerous and powerful in Badenoch. MacDavid was also the title of the head of a branch of the Burkes who, shortly after the Anglo-Norman invasion obtained possession of the district of Clann Connmhaigh, the ancient patrimony of the O'Finaghtys, in Co. Galway. The head of the MacDavids of Wexford was known as Mac Dáibhidh Mór, which see.

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