De Móinbhíol

Rev Patrick Woulfe

de MÓINBHÍOL—XIde Manneville, de Maundeville, Mandeville, and incorrectly Mansfield in Waterford and parts of Cork; Norman 'de Magneville,' 'de Mandeville,' Latin 'de Magnavilla,' i.e., of Magneville, corruptly Mandeville, a place-name in Normandy. Among those who attended William the Conqueror to England was Sire de Magneville; and 'de Manneville,' or 'de Monneville' occurs in Domesday Book. The name is of record in Ireland since the early part of the 13th century, but is now very rare, especially as Mandeville, the form Mansfield having been substituted for it in English. The family settled in Tipperary and Waterford.

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