Other Names used Interchangeably

Many cases of the synonymous use of different surnames other than the foregoing have come under the notice of this office.

A widow named “McDermott” applied to this Department for proof of her marriage and of the births of her children, with the view of obtaining a Government pension. Search was made in the Indexes in the usual way, with the result that the records of the marriage and of the births of all the children were found, except one. In this case the applicant was informed that the name did not appear in the Index. As, however, the locality in which the birth occurred was stated, a special examination was made of the records themselves, with the view of ascertaining whether there was any entry at all corresponding with the particulars furnished, and then it was discovered that the child had been registered under the surname “Dermody,” which is known to be a synonyme for the name “McDermott.”

The Registrar of Killeen District (Dunshaughlin Union) reports that “Tiger” is used in his district for “McEntegart.”

A Registrar writes:—

“‘Hayes’ and ‘Hoy’ are used indifferently by one family connection. In the Registers, at their selection, ‘Hoy’ is entered. I requested them to select.”

In another District a Registrar reports:—

“McIneely, Conneely, and Connolly are written indiscriminately by the same family.”

The names “Halfpenny” and “Halpin” are reported to be interchangeably used in several Districts. A search was recently made for the entry of the birth in Drumconrath District (Ardee Union) of a “Joseph Halpin,” and he was found to be registered as “Joseph Halpenny.”

The Norman name “Petit” or “Pettit” is, in one District, stated to be used synonymously with its English translation, “Little.”

The Alphabetical List contains a record of numerous other cases falling within this category.