C.—The Senate/Seanad Eireann

Article 32

From The Irish Constitution Explained by Darrell Figgis 1922

Before each election of members of the Senate/ Seanad Eireann (other than University members) a panel shall be formed consisting of:—

(a) Three times as many qualified persons as there are members to be elected of whom two-thirds shall be nominated by the Chamber/Dail Eireann voting according to principles of Proportional Representation and one-third shall be nominated by the Senate/Seanad Eireann voting according to principles of Proportional Representation; and

(b) Such persons who have at any time been members of the Senate/Seanad (including members about to retire) as signify by notice in writing addressed to the President of the Executive Council their desire to be included in the panel.

The method of proposal and selection for nomination shall be decided by the Chamber/Dail and Senate/Seanad respectively, with special reference to the necessity for arranging for the representation of important interests and institutions in the country; Provided that each proposal shall be in writing and shall state the qualifications of the person proposed. As soon as the panel has been formed a list of the names of the members of the panel arranged in alphabetical order with their qualifications shall be published.

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