William Score, Portrait and Landscape Painter

(fl. 1778-1815)

Portrait and Landscape Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Was a native of Devonshire, and about 1778 became a pupil of Sir Joshua Reynolds, with whom he remained some years as a "drapery painter." In 1781, while still with Sir Joshua, he began to exhibit at the Royal Academy, and continued as a regular contributor, chiefly of portraits, until 1794. A portrait of "John Quick," actor, exhibited in 1791, was engraved in mezzotint by him and published the same year. In 1812 he was in Dublin, and exhibited in Hawkins Street a "View of Carlingford Castle." In 1815 he was living at 6 Redmond's Hill, and exhibited a "View." In the British Museum is an aquatint, by R. Scott, of "The House in which Burns was born," Drawn on the spot by W. Score, and published by R. Chapman, Glasgow.

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