William Humphrys, Engraver

(b. 1794, d. 1865)


From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

An engraver of great technical skill, of Irish birth, who worked in America and England. He was born in Dublin in 1794, and while still young went to America and learned his art in Philadelphia. He was employed in illustrating editions of various poets and on the vignettes and details on bank-notes, his skilful work forming an effective security against imitation and forgery. He went to England in 1822 and was employed on similar work, and also engraved the head of Queen Victoria for postage stamps. Besides plates for various Annuals, he did several large plates from pictures, including Correggio's "Egeria," done for the Royal Irish Art Union in 1846; "Sancho Panza and the Duchess," after Leslie; "Kitty Fisher," after Reynolds; and "Master Lambton," after Lawrence. Going abroad for the sake of his health, he died at Genoa on 21st January, 1865.

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