William Henry De Daubrawa, Painter of Military Subjects

(fl. 1825-1860)

Painter of Military Subjects

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Born in England, he was gazetted in April, 1825, an ensign in the 65th regiment then quartered in Ireland. In 1827 he married Marian, daughter of Michael Lloyd Apjohn of Dublin; and on the 21st November, 1828, he went on half-pay. His name as an artist first occurs in 1840, when he was living with his father-in-law at 18 Warrington Place, Dublin. In that year he exhibited three military subjects in the Royal Hibernian Academy. One of them, a "Mameluke and Charger," was purchased by the Royal Irish Art Union. In 1841 he exhibited "Horses Drinking." In 1842 he was in London, and from that year until 1849 he exhibited drawings of military subjects, figures and costumes in the Royal Academy. He also contributed to the British Institution in 1845, 1851, and 1853, and to the Society of British Artists in 1842, 1858, and 1860. In the latter year he sent two works to the Royal Hibernian Academy, a "Portrait of the Duke of Wellington in his eighty-fourth year," and "The Ford, halt of a Caravan." He is not heard of after 1860. His name appears as "W. Henry" in the Royal Academy catalogues, and as "Henry" in those of the Royal Hibernian Academy, and on most of the prints after his drawings. He contributed illustrations to various publications issued by Ackermann. Among these are:

Costumes of the British Army. A series of sixty-one coloured aquatints and lithographs, some drawn by Daubrawa, others by W. Heath and H. Martens; published by R. Ackermann, 1840-54.

Costumes of the Indian Army. A series of thirty-four coloured aquatints, some by Daubrawa; published by R. Ackermann, 1843-49.

A View in Hyde Park, with the Duke of Wellington in civilian dress riding past the statue of Achilles; engraved by J. Harris; published by Ackermann, 1852.

Duke of Wellington, half-length, as an old man; drawn from life; engraved by J. Harris, 1852.

The Duke of Cambridge; aquatint by J. Harris in "Costumes of the British Army," 1854.

Lt.-Gen. the Hon. Henry Beauchamp Lygon, Colonel of the 10th Hussars; engraved by J. Harris.

The Royal Marines; engraved by J. Harris.

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