William Healy (or Haly), Portrait and Animal Painter in chalks

(fl. c. 1770)

Portrait and Animal Painter in chalks

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Younger brother of Robert Healy (q.v.). He entered the Dublin Society's School in 1769. His work was similar to that of his brother and he did the same class of subjects; and were it not that they were generally signed his drawings would be indistinguishable. Some of his drawings are at Castletown. In 1774, when living in Cork Hill, he held an exhibition of copies after his late brother's works; and in the same year he made his only contribution to the Society of Artists in Dublin, a "Fox and Cock" and a "Man and Horse," both copies after his brother. These drawings are in the National Gallery of Ireland. The date of William Healy's death is not known.

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