William C. Forster, Seal and Gem Engraver and Lithographer

(d. about 1911)

Seal and Gem Engraver and Lithographer

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Was son of the foregoing Thomas Forster. He served his time as an engraver with George Gonne and afterwards worked with his father both as a seal engraver and lithographer. He was given premiums of £10 for engraved gems in three successive years by the Royal Irish Art Union, in 1844 for an intaglio portrait of "Dr. Richard Carmichael," in 1845 for a full length figure of "Andromeda" after Kirk, on cornelian, and in 1846 for an intaglio on cornelian.

He was a clever artist in chromo-lithography, and from his establishment in Crow Street came most of the best work of this kind in Dublin. His "Dogs" after Armfield, a "View at Clondalkin" and a "View at Ballsbridge," both after his own drawings, are excellent examples of his art. A "View of the Dublin Exhibition of 1853" was published by M'Glashan, 50 Upper Sackville Street, and "Irish Jaunting Car" and "Irish Mail Car," by Stark of Sackville Street. He published himself his "Charge on the Students of Trinity College by the Police at the entrance of Lord Eglinton on 12th March, 1859." He also painted some pictures in oil, and was the founder of the photographic business of Forster and Scott in Westmoreland Street, now Lafayette's. About 1872 he went to America, and obtained the appointment of Inspector of Schools in Canada. He died about 1911.

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