Thomas Wogan, Miniature Painter

(d. 1781)

Miniature Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Probably a son or younger brother of Robert Wogan (q.v.). He studied in the Dublin Society's Schools, which he entered in 1768. He practised as a miniature painter in Dublin, and, Pasquin says, acquired much reputation in his profession. He exhibited miniatures at the Society of Artists in Dublin from 1772 to 1775. He was in London from 1776 to 1778, and exhibited at the Royal Academy. Returning to Dublin he contributed to the exhibition of the Society of Artists in 1780. He lived at the same addresses as Robert Wogan, and finally, after his return from London, at No. 35 George's Street. He died in 1781, and was buried on the 16th October of that year in St. Andrew's churchyard.

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