Thomas Pye, Portrait Painter

(fl. 1773-1794)

Portrait Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Was a pupil of Francis R. West in the Dublin Society's School from 1770 to 1774, and won prizes in 1772 and 1774 for his drawings of the human figure. In 1773 he sent two portraits in coloured chalks to the exhibition of the Society of Artists in William Street, and three in 1774, followed by five portraits in oil in 1775. He was then living in Capel Street. He was in London in 1776 and contributed to the Royal Academy a "Portrait of a Child." Soon after this he went to Rome for the purpose of study, and was still there in 1794; but after that there is no further account of him. In the Garrick Club is a portrait by him of "Charles Bannister" in the character of Steady in "The Quaker," which was engraved by Ridley for the "European Magazine" in 1804.

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