Thomas H. Sweetman, Painter

(fl. 1812-1831)


From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

He was practising as a portrait painter and drawing-master in the early part of the nineteenth century at 160 Great Britain Street. He contributed a "Madonna and Child" to the exhibition of the Society of Artists in Hawkins Street in 1812, and historical and other pictures in 1814 and 1815. He exhibited at the Royal Hibernian Academy in 1828, 1829 and 1830, chiefly landscapes, and was then living at No. 8 Digges Street. For some time he was drawing-master at the Feinaglian Institute, Aldborough House. He was elected an Associate of the Royal Hibernian Academy on 28th May, 1828, but resigned on 18th February, 1831. He is mentioned as "the late" in 1835. In J. J. McGregor's "New Picture of Dublin," 1821, are two plates, engraved by J. Martyn, after drawings by him: "Front View of the Feinaglian Institution, Luxembourg," and "Back View of the Feinaglian Institution, Luxembourg."

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