Thomas Falvey, Painter

(fl. c. 1815-1832)


From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

A Cork artist whose works, though careless in drawing and deficient in colour, showed considerable strength in execution and indications of much natural talent and originality. A picture by him of "Boys Bathing" was rejected by the Committee of an exhibition as unfit, and this, added to the neglect he had experienced as an artist so disgusted him that, collecting what money he could, he left Cork and for two years led a wandering life upon the Continent, studying and supporting himself as best he could. Returning to Cork he again attempted to win the patronage of his fellow-citizens; but with the exception of a commission from Father Mathew for a picture of "The Institution of the Order of St. Francis," he failed to obtain encouragement. In 1832 he sent two portraits to the Royal Hibernian Academy. He again left Cork, and went to America, but his health, worn out by his many privations, failed, and soon after his arrival he died.

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