Thomas Bridgford, Portrait and Subject Painter

(b. 1812, d. 1878)

Portrait and Subject Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Thomas Bridgford, R.H.A. Photograph.

Was born in Lancashire on 6th April, 1812. His father, Thomas Bridgford, came to Ireland about 1817 or 1818, and was manager of Simpson's Nursery near Merrion, and eventually started business for himself as a nurseryman and seedsman at Spafield Nursery, Sandymount, and in Sackville Street. His son, at the age of twelve, on 1st April, 1824, was admitted as a pupil in the Royal Dublin Society's Drawing School, and in 1827, when only fifteen years of age, began to exhibit at the Royal Hibernian Academy, and between that year and 1834 contributed seventeen works. He was elected an Associate on the 24th October, 1832. In 1834 he went to London and remained there some years, following his profession with some success, and exhibiting in the Royal Academy and the British Institution. In 1844 he returned and settled permanently in Dublin where he exhibited regularly at the Royal Hibernian Academy, and was elected a full Member of that body on 23rd August, 1851. He followed his profession with unwearied energy, painting portraits and figure subjects, and was also in much repute as a teacher. He taught drawing at the Alexandra College and other institutions. Besides his portraits and other pictures in oil he did a number of small portraits in pencil and water-colour, effective and well-drawn likenesses, though sometimes rather stiff and awkward in pose. He lived for many years at 66 Lower Mount Street. Two days before his death he was occupied with his pupils apparently in full enjoyment of his health; but that night he was seized with illness and his end came rather suddenly on the 21st November, 1878. He was buried at Mount Jerome. He married, in 1833, Mary Jane, sister of Surgeon James Sawyer of Dublin, by whom he had a family of five sons and four daughters. Works:—

Portrait of Himself, as "The Masquerader." [J. H. Bridgford.] A replica is in the National Gallery of Ireland.

Portrait of Himself at the age of 17. Water-colour. [J. H. Bridgford.]

Edward H. Bailey, R.A. Drawing. R.A., 1843. Engraved by J. Smyth for "Art Journal," 1847.

Michael Barry. Painted for the Dublin Law Institute. R.H.A., 1846.

Mrs. Brady. [Sir Arthur Newton Brady, Belfast.]

W. T. Brande, F.R.S. Lithographed by the artist himself.

Isaac Butt. R.H.A., 1845.

Hon. Mrs. Caddell. R.H.A., 1834.

Richard O'Farrell Caddell. R.H.A., 1834.

Sir Augustus W. Calcott, R.A. Drawing. [Royal Hibernian Academy.] R.A., 1843.

J. Costello. R.A., 1835.

Edward Daniell. R.A., 1842.

C. L. Eastlake, R.A. Drawing. [Royal Hibernian Academy.] R.A., 1844. Etched by J. Smith.

Richard Graves, M.D. R.H.A., 1853.

Andrew Hart, F.T.C.D. R.H.A., 1846.

Charles Frederick Huth. R.A., 1842.

Mrs. Jellico. [Alexandra College, Dublin.] R.H.A., 1878.

Edward Jolly, F.R.S. R.H.A., 1846.

Sir Robert Kane. R.H.A., 1845.

Fanny Kemble. R.H.A., 1831.

Dionysius Lardner. Lithograph.

Revd. David McKee.

Daniel Maclise, R.A. Drawing. [National Gallery of Ireland.] R.H.A., 1845.

Simon Maddock. R.H.A., 1841.

William Mulready, R.A. Drawing. [National Gallery of Ireland.] R.A., 1842.

Sir Joseph Napier, Lord Chancellor of Ireland. [King's Inns, Dublin.] R.H.A., 1846.

Daniel O'Connell.

Daniel O'Connell and his fellow prisoners. A sheet of lithographed oval portraits, published by S. J. Machen, 28 Westmoreland Street, Dublin.

George Petrie. [J. Hargrave Bridgford.] R.H.A., 1852. " So out of proportion as to amount to a caricature." ("Irish Quarterly Review.")

George Petrie. Drawing. R.H.A., 1841.

David Roberts, R.A. Drawing. [Royal Hibernian Academy.] R.A., 1843.

Miss Romer, of Covent Garden Theatre. R.A., 1835.

James Sawyer, M.R.C.S.I. R.A., 1846.

Sir Martin Archer Shee, R.A.. Drawing. [National Gallery of Ireland.] R.A., 1845.

Mrs. Toomey. R.H.A., 1875.

Richard Chenevix Trench, Archbishop of Dublin. [Alexandra College, Dublin.] R.H.A., 1873.

Dr. Ure. R.A., 1842.

T. Uwins, R.A. Drawing. R.A., 1844; R.H.A.. 1845.

Mrs. Wardlaw.

Miss West. [Alexandra College, Dublin.]

The Bow Ideal. R.A., 1835.

An Irish Piper. R.A., 1843. [J. Hargrave Bridgford.]

The Antiquary posed. R.A., 1835.

The Black Dwarf. R.A., 1835.

The Dangerous Playfellow. R.A., 1837.

Blarney. R.A., 1838; R.H.A., 1841.

Scene from "Merry Wives of Windsor." R.A., 1843.

Beatrice. R.A., 1844.

Cromwell in his Study. R.H.A., 1853.

An Irish Wake. R.H.A., 1853. Now in Australia. Ditto R.H.A., 1851.

The Lesson. R.H.A., 1842. Purchased for £70 by The Royal Irish Institution, and won as a prize by W. Jones, Sandycove.

The Rosebud. R.H.A., 1842.

Arrest of Sir H. Slingsby. R.H.A., 1837.

The Deserter.

The Cutting out Expedition.

Passing Shadows.

Pleasant Memories.

Golden Moments.

Donnybrook Fair; Soc. B. Artists, 1837.

The Shepherd Boy; Soc. B. Artists, 1837.

The Boudoir, B.I., 1838.

The Royal Playfellow, B.I., 1838.

The Review. R.H.A., 1848.

Perdita. R.H.A., 1859.

Returning from the Wedding Trip. [J. Hargrave Bridgford.]

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