Samuel Hone, Portrait Painter

(b. 1726, d. ? )

Portrait Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Samuel Hone. Miniature, by Nathaniel Hone, R.A.; in possession of Miss Hannah Hone, Rosevale, Raheny, Co. Dublin.

Brother of Nathaniel Hone, R.A. (q.v.), being fifth son of Nathaniel Hone of Wood Quay by his wife Rebeckah Brindley. He was born on 8th September, 1726. He practised for a time in Dublin as an artist; but little is known of him. An advertisement in "Faulkner's Journal," October, 1754, announces that "Mr. Samuel Hone, painter, has removed from his lodgings in Abbey Street to Mr. Green's on the back of the Blind Quay, near Essex Bridge." He subsequently left Dublin and died in Jamaica; but the date of his death is not known. A portrait of his mother, painted by him, is in the possession of Nathaniel Hone, R.H.A., St. Doulough's. His brother, Nathaniel, painted a miniature portrait of him in 1748, which belongs to Miss Hannah Hone, of Rosevale, Raheny. It is inscribed on the back, "Ae 22, 1748. Samuellis Hone Pictoris Similico delineature Fratrique Nathl. Hone."

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