Samuel Ferris Lynn, Sculptor

(b. 1834, d. 1876)


From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Samuel Ferris Lynn, A.R.H.A. Photograph.

Was born on 29th October, 1834, the son of Henry Silvester Lynn, of Fethard, Co. Tipperary. He was for a short time in the office of his brother, William Henry Lynn, architect, in Belfast, and studied in the Belfast School of Art. There he obtained prizes for modelling which led to his desire to become a sculptor; and accordingly in 1854 he went to London and entered himself as a student in the Royal Academy, and was also for a time in the studio of Patrick McDowell. He exhibited in the Academy in 1856 "The Peri's Daughter"; in 1857 "The Silent Thought," and won the silver medal in the Academy Schools in 1857 with a "Study from Life," and the gold medal in 1859 with a group of "Lycaon imploring Achilles to save his life," which was exhibited in the following year. He continued to send works to the Academy down to 1862, but did not exhibit again until 1867. In the interval he had entered Foley's studio and assisted in the modelling of the Prince Consort's statue for the Memorial in Kensington Gardens.

In 1867 he again exhibited in the Academy, and his works regularly appeared there until his death. He was much employed in sculpture for public buildings in Dublin, Manchester and elsewhere, and also executed a number of portrait busts. A statue, in bronze, of the "Marquess of Downshire" was erected at Hillsborough, and one, in marble, of "Lord Farnham" at Cavan. In Belfast is his statue of "Dr. Henry Cooke," Presbyterian minister, the first ever erected in that town, generally known as "The Black Man." In Dublin the sculpture in the tympanum of the Provincial Bank in College Street is his work; and in Manchester he executed the figures in the interior of the Lancashire Insurance Office. His last works were the panels of "The Seasons" in the hall in Gibbstown House, Co. Meath. Lynn resided almost entirely in London, occasionally visiting and staying in Dublin as his work required him. He exhibited in the Royal Hibernian Academy in 1864, 1869, 1872 and 1873, and was made an Associate of that body on the 18th October, 1872. In 1873 he took up his residence in Belfast, where on the 5th April, 1876, he died suddenly at Cumberland Terrace, aged 40. His works comprise:

Albert, Prince Consort. Statue. [Belfast.] On the clock tower erected as a memorial in 1870.

Lord Cairns. Bust. R.A., 1872; R.H.A., 1873.

John Clarke, chairman of the Belfast Harbour Commissioners. Bust. [Belfast Harbour Commissioners.]

Dr. Henry Cooke. Statue in bronze, 12 ft. high. [Belfast, College Square, East.] Erected in March, 1876.

William Davis. Bust. R.A., 1871.

John B. Dillon, M.P. Posthumous bust. R.A., 1870; R.H.A. 1872.

Arthur, 4th Marquess of Downshire, K.P. Statue in bronze. [Hillsborough, Co. Down.] Model in R.A., 1873.

Henry, 7th Lord Farnham, K.P. Statue in marble. [Cavan town.] Erected by subscription and unveiled in 1871. Model in R.A., 1872. On the night of 5th July, 1912, the statue was maliciously injured by being daubed over with tar.

Rev. P. Shuldham Henry, D.D., President of Queen's College, Belfast. Bust. [Queen's College, Belfast.] Executed for the Library of the College. R.A., 1869.

Colonel Charles Powell Leslie, M.P. Bronze bust. [Sir John Leslie, Bart., Glasslough.] Model in R.A., 1874.

John Lyte, Mayor of Belfast. Marble bust, executed for presentation to him. Model in R.A., 1874.

John Martin, of Shrigley, Killyleagh. Bust. R.A., 1873.

Alexander Mitchell, C.E., of Belfast. Posthumous bust. R.A., 1873.

John Thompson, high sheriff of Co. Antrim. Bust. R.A., 1871,

The Peri's Daughter. R.A., 1856.

The Silent Thought. R.A., 1857.

Evangeline. R.A., 1858; R.H.A., 1864. Engraved in "Art Journal," 1865.

Grief. R.A., 1858.

The Good Samaritan. R.A., 1889.

Psyche. R.A., 1859; B.I., 1862.

Achilles and Lycaon. Gained the Academy gold medal in 1859. R.A., 1860.

Ariel. R.A., 1861.

The Death of Procris. R.A., 1867.

The First Prayer. R.A., 1874.

Lord Lurgan's Greyhound, Master McGrath. R.A,, 1875. Done in white marble; but as Master McGrath was a black dog, the owner of the statuette painted it black!

Carving in pediment of Provincial Bank, Dublin.

Figures for the interior of the Lancashire Insurance Office, Manchester.

The Seasons. Panels for Gibbstown House, Co. Meath.

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