Rowland Omer, Architectural Draughtsman

(fl. c. 1755-1767)

Architectural Draughtsman

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

He was probably son of Thomas Omer, who was brought from England in 1755 by the Irish Parliament and was employed by the Inland Navigation Board in the construction o the Grand Canal from Dublin to the Shannon, in the making of the Boyne navigable between Drogheda and Trim, and in improving the navigation of the Lagan between Belfast and Lisburn. Rowland Omer was also employed as an engineer by the Navigation Board. As an artist he is remembered by the series of five views of the Parliament House which were engraved from his drawings and published by Bernard Scalé (q.v.) in 1767. These are:

1. Perspective View of the Parliament House. Engraved by P. Mazell.

2. Geometrical Elevation of the Parliament House. Engraved by Patrick Halpin.

3. A Section of the House of Lords. Engraved by P. Mazell.

4. A Section of the House of Commons. Engraved by P. Mazell.

5. The Plan of the Parliament House. Engraved anonymously.

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