Robert Rooke, Landscape and Animal Painter

(fl. 1809-1833)

Landscape and Animal Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

An artist of little merit, working in Dublin at the beginning of the nineteenth century as a landscape and animal painter. In 1809 he was a candidate for the post of master in the figure school of the Royal Dublin Society, but the specimens of his work which he submitted were inferior to that of any other candidate, and are described as puerile and feeble. He contributed to the exhibitions in Hawkins Street in 1816, 1817 and 1819; and to the Royal Hibernian Academy between 1827 and 1833. In 1831 he was appointed Animal Painter to the Lord Lieutenant, the Marquess of Anglesey, and the same year he had a special exhibition of his picture, "The Stranger in the Field," at 67 Dame Street. His name does not appear after 1833. A Henry Rooke, perhaps a brother, was an engraver and letter-founder in Crampton Court from 1803 to 1829.

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