Richard Bull, Miniature Painter

(fl. 1777-1809)

Miniature Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Probably a native of Dublin; he was admitted to the Dublin Society's School in 1769, and studied there under Ennis. In 1777 he exhibited "Portraits in Hair" at the Society of Artists in William Street, and in 1780 "Miniatures in colour and hair." In 1786 he was "at Mr. Edward Rice's, 13 Capel Street," where, as we learn from an advertisement, he did "likenesses in miniature highly finished, at two guineas." He removed to 91 Grafton Street, in 1790, and in the following year was at 43 College Green. Soon afterwards, not finding sufficient patronage in Dublin, he went to London and began to exhibit in the Royal Academy in 1794, when he contributed "a Portrait of Kemble" and six anonymous portraits. He was then living in Shepherd Street, Oxford Street, but next year moved to 101 Pall Mall, where he remained until 1806. For the next few years his address was in Charing Cross and Cockspur Street. He was an exhibitor in the Royal Academy each year from 1794 to 1809, and appears to have enjoyed a good practice. As will be seen in the list of his works, many of his sitters in London were Irish. His name does not occur after 1809, and he probably died about that year. Sir Martin Archer Shee painted a portrait of him which was exhibited in the Royal Academy in 1795 as a "Portrait of an Artist." His miniatures are signed R. Bull, with date. Several were engraved.

Mr. Brandon. R.A., 1799.

J. Crotty. R.A., 1803.

Charles, Marquess Cornwallis, R.A., 1806.

Thomas Conolly of Castletown, County Kildare. Engraved in stipple by J. Collyer.

Eyre Massy, 1st Lord Clarina. R.A., 1800. Engraved in stipple by J. J. Van den Berghe, 1800.

Anne Crouch, actress. Engraved by H. Brocas.

Mr. Darley. R.A., 1801.

M. Duffy. R.A., 1802.

Mr. Dodd. R.A., 1805.

Lord Edward Fitzgerald. Signed. [Albany Fetherstonhaugh, N. Grt. George's Street, Dublin.]

E. B. Fitzsimon. R.A., 1808.

Miss Gayton. R.A., 1809.

J. Godbold. R.A., 1806.

Lady E. Howard. R.A., 1802.

J. Howard. R.A., 1807.

Mr. Johnstone. R.A., 1798; another in 1808.

Miss Johnstone. R.A., 1808.

Mr. Kemble. R.A., 1794.

William Robert, 2nd Duke of Leinster. R.A., 1798; another in 1807.

Augustus Frederick, 3rd Duke of Leinster. R.A., 1809.

Emelia, Duchess of Leinster, wife of 2nd Duke. Signed and dated 1798. [Duke of Leinster, Carton.]

Mrs. Littler. R.A., 1798.

Miss Mackintosh. R.A., 1798.

General Massy. Engraved by J. J. Van den Berghe, 1800.

Colonel G. Menoe. R.A., 1803.

Lady Elizabeth Moore. R.A., 1800.

Francis, Earl of Moira. R.A., 1804. Engraved by J. Godby, 1805.

Francis, Earl of Moira. R.A., 1808. Engraved by E. Scriven, 1808.

Lord Nelson. R.A., 1806.

Ambrose Perry. Engraved in stipple by H. Brocas, 1791.

T. Reynolds. R.A., 1805.

D. Riviere. R.A., 1801.

Dr. Senate. R.A., 1799.

Mr. Sadler. R.A., 1801.

General Tottenham. R.A., 1801.

H. Upton. R.A., 1809.

George, Prince of Wales. R.A., 1797; others in 1800, 1803, 1805, and 1808.

General Wetherall. R.A., 1807.

Mr. Wathen. R.A., 1798.

Frederick, Duke of York. R.A., 1798.

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