Patrick Tommins, Herald Painter

Herald Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Index of Irish Herald Painters

He was admitted as a quarter-brother in the Guild of St. Luke in 1751. In an advertisement in the "Hibernian Journal" in 1772, he describes himself as "Herald-Painter at St. Luke's Head in King Street, Oxmantown, near the Watch-house, Dublin," and informs the public that "he has at the rere of his dwelling-house a commodious workshop where he takes in all manner of coach-work to paint," and he also carried on "Oil-gilding, with Sign and House Painting." He married in 1764 "The widow Veale," of King Street. He died in his house, the St. Luke's Head, in April, 1772. His widow, Elinor, continued his business in the oil and colour trade. "Her colours," she says in an advertisement, "are ground with the greatest care on a flag."

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