Patrick Fitzpatrick, Engraver

(fl. 1761-1788)


From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

In 1761 he was working as an engraver in Skinner Row and was awarded a prize of two guineas by the Dublin Society for "landscapes from copper plates, his own engraving." In 1763 he gained the prize of five guineas given by the Society for the best print. Entering into partnership with Nicholas Butler he removed, in 1767, from Skinner Row to the upper Blind Quay where, as he announced in an advertisement, he did "Crests for Booksellers," "Borders and Festoons for Rooms," and also maps, coats of arms and seals. About 1788 he was in Fownes Street and engraved "cuts for books," &c. A small profile portrait of Henry Grattan was engraved in stipple by P. Roberts, in 1797, after "P. Fitzpatrick."

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