Nicholas Blakey, Book Illustrator

(fl. 1747-1778)

Book Illustrator

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Was born in Ireland and studied in Paris, where he was in 1747, and where he principally resided. He enjoyed a considerable reputation as a designer of book illustrations, which seems to have been his chief work. He did the illustrations for an edition of Pope's works, and for Jonas Hanway's "Travels through Persia," in 1753. With F. Hayman he designed some illustrations of English history, which were published by subscription by J. and P. Knapton of Ludgate Street in 1778. The prints after him were "The Landing of Julius Caesar," engraved by S. F. Ravenet, "Vortigern and Rowena," engraved by G. Scotin, and "Alfred receiving the news of victory over the Danes," engraved by Vivares. There is a fine print of "Nymphs Dancing" engraved by Ingram from his design, which forms the frontispiece to a set of songs composed by Oswald. A pencil drawing by him is in the British Museum. He died in Paris.

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