Michael Jackson, Mezzotint Engraver

(fl. c. 1753)

Mezzotint Engraver

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

He was educated in the Blue-coat School, Dublin, which he entered in 1736, and on his leaving in 1741 was apprenticed to Thomas Silcock, the print-seller in Nicholas Street. (See note, page 29). He probably learned mezzotinting from Andrew Miller. Little is known of him, but he was following the business of a print-seller and publisher at the Rembrandt's Head, corner of Bride Court, Fleet Street, London, for a short time about 1753, and his name appears as the publisher at that address of Houston's mezzotint of Matthew Skeggs. The following four mezzotints are the only works known to have been done by him; and of these, the portraits of Barry and Woffington may perhaps have been done in Dublin.

Spranger Barry, in the character of Macbeth; Jas. Gwim. M. Jackson Fecit 1753. A later and altered state was issued by R. Sayer.

Nancy Dawson; Printed for M. Jackson at rembrandt's head Fleet St. Republished, with alterations, by Sayer. George Pulley, who succeeded Jackson at the Rembrandt's Head, issued a similar, but smaller, print.

Margaret Woffington; Jo Lewis Pinxt. M. Jackson Fecit. A second state has Jno. Lewis Pinxt. Michl Jackson Fecit. A third is inscribed, Sold at Jackson's print-shop ye corner of Bride Court Fleet Street.

Old Man; M. Jackson Fecit.

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