Michael Foy, Sculptor

(fl. 1767-1770)


From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

He entered the Dublin Society's School in 1765, and two years afterwards, in 1767, he exhibited a "Venus and Cupid," in marble, and a "Group of Boys," in plaster, at the Society of Artists in William Street. In the following year he sent a bas-relief in marble of "Mercury instructing Cupid," and in 1770 a bas-relief of "Hercules resting from his Labours," also in marble. For both of these he was awarded premiums by the Dublin Society. In 1770 he was with Van Nost, the sculptor, but after that date there is no further mention of him, unless he was the "Foy" who in 1777 sent from Rome a "Bust of an Artist" to the Society of Artists in London.

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