Lord Gerald Fitzgerald, Amateur

(b. 1821, d. 1886)


From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Second son of Augustus Frederick 3rd Duke of Leinster; born on 6th January, 1821. He was an officer in the Scots Fusilier Guards from 1840 to 1846. As an amateur draughtsman and etcher he was a member of the Junior Etching Club and contributed two etchings: "Norah Creina" and "The Lovers" to "Passages from the Modern English Poets, illustrated by members of the Junior Etching Club," 1862. He also did a series of ten etchings to illustrate Hood's Poems, in 1858. The subjects are: "The Bridge of Sighs"; "Romance of Cologne," two illustrations; "Departure of Summer"; "Miss Kilmansegg," two illustrations; "The two Peacocks of Bedfont," and three others, including ladies promenading and bathing at Margate.

He died on 23rd September, 1886.

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