Londonderry School of Art (Provincial Societies and Schools of Art)

(Provincial Societies and Schools of Art)

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

This School was originally founded under the Science and Art Department, South Kensington, by a committee of subscribers, in 1874. The first head master was J. Poole Addey, appointed in 1875. He resigned in 1887, and was succeeded by Robert J. Douglas of the Dundee School, followed in 1889 by W. E. Crow, then of Manchester, who held the post until 1892, when John Hamer was appointed. In 1890 the Corporation of Derry agreed to contribute £100 yearly. This arrangement continued until the passing of the Technical Instruction Act in 1899, when the Art School was combined with the Technical School under the Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction, and now forms part of the Municipal Technical School. The School was formerly housed in the old Corporation Hall, which had been altered and renovated for the purpose at a cost of £1,250. It now occupies the top floor of the new Technical Schools opened in 1908. In 1905 Harrison T. Fowler was appointed Master, and in 1913 he was succeeded by the present Master, Henry Howchen, A.R.C.A. The present Secretary, J. H. Williams, was for a long period associated with the School as pupil and pupil-teacher. To the former work of the School in painting, modelling and designing and training students for art teachers' certificates, has now been added technical instruction for arts and crafts, with classes for decorators, plasterers, stone-cutters, lace workers, etc.

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