Letitia Bushe, Amateur

(d. 1757)


From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Letitia Bushe. Engraving after a miniature by Herself, in Lady Llanover's "Correspondence of Mrs Delany."

Daughter of Arthur Bushe of Dangin, County Kilkenny, Secretary to the Commissioners of Revenue, by his wife, Mary, daughter of John Forth. She was an intimate friend of Mrs. Delany, to whom she paid frequent and prolonged visits—"a gay, good-humoured, innocent girl, without the least conceit of her beauty .... she paints delightfully" ("Mrs. Delany's Letters," November 25, 1731). Her portrait, painted in miniature by herself and engraved by Joseph Browne, is in Lady Llanover's "Letters of Mrs. Delany," where is also a "View of Delville" drawn by her in 1754. She died in Dawson Street, Dublin, on the 17th November, 1757, and was buried the following day in St. Andrew's Church.

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