L. Dempsey, Engraver

(fl. c. 1739)


From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

A Dublin engraver who was employed on book illustrations. He engraved a portrait of Matthew Prior which forms the frontispiece to the edition of Prior's "Poems," published by G. Grierson in Dublin in 1728; also four large plates and one of the ornamental chapter headings in Vol. I of Harris's edition of Sir James Ware's Works, Dublin, 1739. The four plates are: 1st, "North-west Prospect of the Churches at Clonmacnoise"; 2nd, "South Prospect of Cathedral Church, Kildare"; 3rd, "South Prospect of Cathedral Church of St. Mary, in Limerick"; 4th, "South Prospect of Cathedral Church at Killaloe"; all after drawings by J. Blaymire (q.v.).

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