— Kiverley, Landscape Painter

(fl. 1738-1789)

Landscape Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

He lived in Ranelagh Road, and about 1738 went to Rome, travelling, it is said, on foot, and was there employed by the Earl of Ely and others in purchasing pictures. These pictures he exhibited in William Street on his return to Dublin. In 1740 he was awarded a premium for a landscape by the Dublin Society. His name does not appear as a contributor to any of the Artists' Exhibitions in Dublin; he probably followed the calling of a picture dealer rather than that of an artist. "He was," says Pasquin, "a man of singular humour; when he found himself seized with a mortal disorder he sent for two of his particular friends and told them, as he had enjoyed their company in the heyday and zenith of his life, he was determined they should behold him die; which he did with the most exemplary firmness, treating death as an event of no consideration; and he gave up his spirit, like Rabelais, with a jest." He died at his house in Ranelagh Road, Dublin, in 1789.

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