Justin Pope-Stevens—I, Portrait Painter

(d. 1771)

Portrait Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Was son of Stevens Pope of Cabragh Lane, whose mother was a daughter of Henry Stevens, Alderman of Dublin (d. 1706), through whom he became possessed of property at Cabragh, and took the name of Stevens. There is no actual evidence that Justin Stevens was an artist; but it is probable that he was the "Stevens" and "J. Stevens" who painted several portraits in Dublin engraved by J. Brooks and Andrew Miller. These are: "Robert, Lord Newport," mezzotint by A. Miller, 1747, Stevens Pinxt; "Maria Gunning," mezzotint by A. Miller; "Daniel McKercher," mezzotint by J. Brooks, 1743, J. Stevens Pinxt and "James Annesley," mezzotint by J. Brooks, 1743, Stevens Pinxt. Both McKercher and Annesley sat for their portraits specially for Brooks. In 1749 was painted a portrait of "Charles Tottenham," which was engraved in mezzotint in 1750 by A. Miller, Stevens Pinxt, 1749. In the National Gallery of Ireland is a large picture of Charles Tottenham, "Tottenham in his Boots," which may be by him, but it differs from that mezzotinted by Miller. A copy belongs to Major Tottenham at Woodstock, County Wicklow. A picture similar to the Gallery one, but without the dog, belonged to Mr. Tottenham of Glenfarne, and is now in possession of C. C. Sibthorp, Sudbrooke Holm, Lincoln. Stevens died in 1771. He was brother of Thomas Pope (q.v.), and uncle of Somerville, Justin and Thomas Pope-Stevens, and of Alexander Pope, who are separately noticed.

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