Joseph Patrick Haverty, Portrait and Subject Painter

(b. 1794, d. 1864)

Portrait and Subject Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Was born in the town of Galway in 1794, and appears to have begun his art career there. In 1814 he sent a portrait from Galway to the Hibernian Society of Artists, and next year, when his address was 32 Mary Street. Dublin, he had a "Cupid and Psyche," a "Portrait of Dr. Graves, Dean of Ardagh," and a "Madonna" in the exhibition in Hawkins Street. For the next few years he was working at his profession chiefly in Galway, and was evidently obtaining some standing as an artist, as on the foundation of the Royal Hibernian Academy in 1823 he was elected an Associate. He appeared as a contributor to its first exhibition in 1826, sending five portraits from Rostrevor, and continued to exhibit regularly until 1861. Most of his contributions were portraits, but he also painted pictures of domestic subjects and some historical pieces; his "Baptism of Ethelbert" and "Judgment of Paris" being his most ambitious attempts in the latter class. He also painted miniatures, the first he exhibited being a "Portrait of Francis Johnston" in 1829. For some reason not explainable his name appears in the Academy lists and catalogues as "John." He himself always signed "J." or "Joseph," not using his second name. He was made a Member of the Academy on 6th May, 1829, but resigned in October, 1837.

Haverty resided principally in Dublin, but also followed his profession in Limerick, where he received a large amount of patronage. He spent a good many years, from time to time, in London, and exhibited twenty-seven portraits in the Royal Academy between 1835 and 1858, besides others at the Society of British Artists. He painted several portraits of O'Connell, including the full-length done for the Catholic Association, now in the Reform Club, which was engraved by W. Ward, and that in the Town Hall in Limerick, considered to be a more successful work. His "Limerick Piper" is well known from the engraving, and several of his portraits were lithographed by himself. He also published lithographed reproductions of his series of "The Seven Sacraments."

Haverty died of dropsy, after a long illness, at his residence 44 Rathmines Road, Dublin, on 27th July, 1864, aged seventy, and was buried on the 30th at Glasnevin. By his wife Maria, a native of the County Mayo, whom he married in 1816, and who died on 26th December, 1852, he had numerous children, all born in Galway. His second son, Thomas Haverty, born about 1825, exhibited portraits in the Royal Academy from 1847 to 1858, but subsequently relinquished painting. He is still living. Martin Haverty, assistant librarian at the King's Inns, and author of a "History of Ireland," was Joseph Haverty's half-brother.

James W. Doyle, Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin. [Carlow College.] R.H.A., 1837. Whole length. Lithographed, half-length only, by the artist.

James W. Doyle, Bishop, and Rev. Andrew Fitzgerald, President of Carlow College, lithographed by the artist.

Rev. Richard Graves, Dean of Ardagh. Hibernian Soc., 1815.

Mr. (afterwards Sir) John Gray. R.H.A., 1833.

Mrs. Gray.  R.H.A., 1833.

Gerald Griffin, R.H.A., 1847.

James Haverty. R.H.A., 1852.

Francis Johnston. Miniature. R.H.A., 1829.

John Lawless. R.H.A., 1826. Lithographed by the artist.

Richard Robert Madden. [National Gallery of Ireland.] Belonged to his son, Dr. Thomas More Madden, who presented it to the Gallery in 1900.

Rev. Thomas Maguire. Lithograph.

Richard Mant, Bishop of Down and Connor.

Rev. Theobald Mathew. [Miss Webb, 12 Brighton Square, Rathgar.]

Daniel O'Connell. [Reform Club, London.] Painted for the Catholic Association, and was in the Corn Exchange, Dublin, for some years. It passed into the possession of the Repeal Association, who gave it to John O'Connell by whom it was presented to the Reform Club. Engraved in mezzotint by W. Ward.

Daniel O'Connell. [Town Hall, Limerick.] Was considered to be a more successful portrait than the foregoing.

Daniel O'Connell. [Thomas O'Brien, Boru House, Limerick.]

Daniel O'Connell reading the MS. of his Address to the Electors of Clare to P. Vincent Fitzpatrick and F. W. Conway. Painted for O'Connell for presentation to Fitzpatrick. R.H.A., 1847.

Daniel O'Connell with Thomas Steele and O'Gorman Mahon. Lithograph.

Mrs. Pepper, née Bloomfield. [Capt. Poë, Riverston, Nenagh.]

Rev. James H. Poë. [Capt. Poë, Riverston, Nenagh.]

Mrs. Poë. [Capt. Poë, Riverston, Nenagh.]

Richard Lalor Sheil. Miniature. [National Gallery of Ireland.]

James Henthorn Todd, F.T.C.D. [Friendly Brothers' House, St. Stephen's Green.]

Cardinal Wiseman. Soc. B.A., 1857; R.H.A., 1866, after the painter's death; Dublin Ex. 1872, lent by Mrs. Quinn.

Sir Thomas Wyse.

The Limerick Piper. 4 feet 5 inches by 4 feet 1 inch. [Sir Josslyn Gore-Booth, Bart., Lissadell, Sligo.] B.I. 1844. Engraved.

The Limerick Piper. 2 ft. 6 in. by 1 ft. 11 in. [National Gallery of Ireland.] A repetition of foregoing. Presented to the Gallery in 1864 by William Smith O'Brien.

Entry of George IV into Dublin. Said to have been commissioned by the King, but not accepted as the Royal carriage was shown too far in the background. [Exors. of Colonel W. Taylor, Cardiff, 1912.]

Cupid and Pysche. Hibernian Society, 1815.

The Baptism of Ethelbert.

The Judgment of Paris.

Altar-Piece. [Skerries, Co, Galway.]

St. Francis Xavier baptising the Indians. [Gardiner Street Church.]

St. Francis receiving the Stigmata. [Franciscan Church, Galway.]

An Altar-piece. Formerly in the Pro-Cathedral, Galway, but now removed.

The Seven Sacraments. A series of seven small oil pictures. He exhibited them, together with a number of other pictures in 1830, and published a "Catalogue Raisonné of the Seven Sacraments in Ireland, including the reception of a Nun, together with portraits of eminent Irish characters." The portraits were copies in miniature of pictures. The artist failed to sell the "Seven Sacraments" as a set, owing, as he said in his prospectus, "to their sectarian character which he had unhappily overlooked."

The Pet. [John Mulhall, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin.] Ascribed to Haverty, but more probably is the picture with the same title painted by Edward Harwood (q.v.).

The Monster Meeting at Clifden, Co. Galway, in 1843. A drawing. R.H.A., 1854. Lithographed by Haverty himself.

The Fair-green of Ballinasloe. R.H.A., 1829.

The Church of St. Nicholas, Galway. Engraved by Brocas for Dublin "Monthly Museum," 1814.

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