John O'Barrdan, Metal Worker

(fl. c. 1350)

Metal Worker

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Was the maker of the outer case of the Domnach Airgid, a shrine as old as the eleventh century. This shrine, made of yew covered with bronze and plated with silver, is enclosed in an outer case plated with gold and elaborately decorated, bearing an inscription recording its maker: JOHANNES O BARRDAN FABRICAVIT. It was made about 1350 for John O'Carbry, abbot of Clones, who died in 1353. On the front of the outer shrine is a representation of the Crucifixion with a small reliquary covered with a crystal above. In the panels right and eft are figures of eleven saints. The top is enriched with ornamental bosses with blue enamel and crystals. The back of the shrine is of bronze with a large plain cross; and on the bottom are figures of three saints. The Domnach Airgid was bought by Lord Rossmore in 1838 for £300, and transferred to the Royal Irish Academy in 1846.

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