John Moreau, Landscape Painter

(fl. 1809-1838)

Landscape Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

A "John Marraud" entered the Dublin Society's Schools in 1799, and in that and the following year won medals for drawing. He was given ten guineas by the Society "to buy colours and canvas and to encourage his genius" in 1800. He was perhaps the "John Moreau" who, in 1809, was living in Dorset Street and exhibited five Welsh landscapes at the Dublin Society's house in Hawkins Street. In 1810 and 1811 Moreau was in London and exhibited five landscapes at the Royal Academy, including "Glendalough" and "Cottage under Glena Martin, Killarney." He was back in Dublin in 1812 and in that and the two following years had views in the exhibition of the Society of Artists in Hawkins Street. He again exhibited in 1816, but his name does not appear again until 1838 when he sent eight miniatures to the Royal Hibernian Academy. He was then residing at 26 Lower Ormond Quay, A small chalk portrait signed by him belongs to Mr. George Fottrell, 8 North Great George's Street.

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