John Mckinley Taylor, Engraver

(fl. 1765-1819)


From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Was descended from David McKinley, a captain in the Inniskilling Dragoons, who fought at the battle of the Boyne. He entered the Dublin Society's Schools in 1765, and was afterwards extensively employed as a seal-engraver; most of the official, episcopal and corporation seals in Ireland at the end of the eighteenth century being his work. He also engraved maps for the Dublin Society, including the map of the Botanic Gardens in the "Transactions" for 1800, and various other maps and plates in the series of "Statistical Surveys" of the Irish counties. He married a descendant of Patrick Sarsfield, and on inheriting the property of his maternal grandfather assumed the name of Taylor. No mention of him has been found after 1819. He was the father of the painter and writer on Art, W. B. S. Taylor (q.v.).

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