John Martyn, Engraver

(d. 1828)


From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

An excellent engraver who for many years worked successfully in Dublin, principally as a book-illustrator. According to an advertisement issued by him ("Freeman's Journal," Oct., 1814), "he studied many years in London under the first artists." Plates by him will be found in the "Hibernian Magazine," the "Cyclopedian Magazine" and "Exshaw's London Magazine." In the latter, for 1794, is a good engraving, "A Father's Advice to his Son," drawn and engraved by Martyn. Hardiman's "History of Galway" contains four plates by him, and he also engraved a portrait of "Torlogh Carolan," the Irish bard, published in 1822; "Michael Dwyer, the Wicklow Desperado"; "Rev. Dr. Betagh," etc.

He died in his house in Fownes Street on 11th January, 1828.

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