John Latham, Painter of Birds and Flowers

(fl. 1777-1795)

Painter of Birds and Flowers

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

He was a native of Nantwich, Cheshire, and went to Ireland, when a young man, as an assistant to a silk manufacturer, probably as a pattern-drawer. He practised as an artist and drawing-master in Dublin at the latter end of the eighteenth century. In the "Hibernian Journal" of February 25-27, 1778, is an advertisement from him; "Mr. Latham, professor of painting on silk who has already had the honour of fancying and executing many whimsical devices for the approaching masquerade, takes the liberty of acquainting the nobility and gentry that he paints in a masterly style every species of emblematical design, and engages his colouring, which is esteemed of superior beauty, to stand any time or weather."

Latham was afterwards in London, where, says Pasquin, he worked "as a pattern-drawer for the female nobility with eminent success." He also painted birds and flowers and sent eight works to the Royal Academy exhibitions between 1787 and 1791.

He was living in London in 1795, but no further mention of him occurs after that date.

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