John Gubbins, Portrait Painter

(fl. early 19th century)

Portrait Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

John Gubbins. Pen sketch, caricature, by Cooper Haffield; in possession of Mrs. Archer, 4 Elton Park, Kingstown.

Was a native of the county of Limerick. He practised as a portrait painter in Limerick and for many years in Dublin and also in Belfast. He copied for the Dominican Convent in Limerick the picture by Rubens of the "Woman Taken in Adultery." In 1819 he exhibited in the Dublin Society's House in Hawkins Street two landscapes and seven portraits, including one of "The Hon. Walter Yelverton" and one of "Lieut.-Colonel Blacker." He was then, and for some years after, living in Grafton Street. He occasionally exhibited in the Royal Hibernian Academy. A "Portrait of William III," a copy by him after Kneller, is in the Mansion House, Dublin; and a "Portrait of Sir Abraham Bradley King," a copy of a picture by H. Thompson, was destroyed in the fire in the City Hall in November, 1908. His portrait of "Mrs. Humby as Cowslip in the Agreeable Surprise" was engraved by H. Brocas, and one of "Archbishop Troy" was engraved by B. O'Reilly. The date of his death has not been found. A Miss HENRIETTA GUBBINS painted portraits about the same period and was an exhibitor in the Royal Academy between 1843 and 1849, when she was living in Leamington. A portrait by her of "Colonel Adams" was lithographed by P. Gauci.

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