John Flin, Painter

(d. 1747)


From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

An artist, born about 1690, who practised in Galway and died there in September, 1747. A notice in "Faulkner's Journal" of 26th September, 1747, dated "Galway, September 22nd," says: "On Saturday last died here, much lamented, the humorous and facetious painter, Mr. John Flin. He was remarkable for a turn of expression almost peculiar to himself, which, together with his comparisons and images extremely well adapted, made him excel most men in repartee which he had the art of agreeably mingling his prose with rhyme." The following epitaph, written by himself during his last illness, was placed upon his tomb:

Here lyes John Flin To worms akin,

Eftsoons by vagrant boys bely'd;

That while he liv'd he often dy'd;

Saints oft he painted,

Himself not sainted,

Yet leaves (perhaps) a fame as fair

As many souls of those that are.

Lived to the age of fifty-seven,

Spurned at this Earth and flew to Heaven.

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