John Aheron, Architectural Draughtsman

(d. 1762)

Architectural Draughtsman

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

An architect practising in Ireland in the first half of the 18th century. In 1754 he published in Dublin, by subscription, "A General Treatise of Architecture," in five books, "printed for the Author by John Butler on Cork Hill, 1754." This work was profusely illustrated from drawings by the author, the more important being engraved by himself, the others by J. Booth. The manuscript, beautifully written in imitation of printing, is in the British Museum, At the end is a note: "This work was written and drawn with pen and ink and finished the 13th April, a.d. 1751, by John Aheron." A similar manuscript work, in six books, was in the possession of Messrs. Batsford of London in 1909. In Peter Wilson's "Dublin Magazine," 1762, are engravings after drawings by Aheron of "Steevens' Hospital," "Mercer's Hospital," "The Charter School, Clontarf," "The Hospital for Incurables," and "St. Patrick's Hospital." Aheron died at his lodgings in Long Acre while on a visit to London, in January, 1761-2.

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