James MacDonald (or McDaniel), Caricaturist, etc.

(fl. 1820-1840)

Caricaturist, etc.

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

A Cork artist, born about 1789, whose real name was McDaniel, which he changed to MacDonald. He excelled in pen and ink drawings, and was a clever caricaturist. He was also a gifted musician. In the first Munster Exhibition in 1815 were pen sketches by him, "Cupids catching a Hare"; "Music, Painting, Poetry"; "A Street Scene in Cork," engraved by R. Dorman; and "Poeta Nascitur, a literary character in this city, equally a disciple of the Muses and Bacchus." He also painted a "Portrait of Harry Badger," a well-known Cork celebrity. He exhibited a landscape in the Royal Hibernian Academy in 1832. He was father of Daniel MacDonald (q.v.) and of JANE MacDONALD, born about 1823, who exhibited pictures in the Royal Hibernian Academy in 1842, 1843 and 1844; and also at the Cork Art Union in 1841 and after.

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