Isaac Collis, Miniature Painter

(fl. c. 1778)

Miniature Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

A painter of miniatures in profile, in oil, who in 1778 opened a print-shop and lottery office at No. 13 Capel Street. According to an advertisement in the "Hibernian Journal," 1778 ( No. 89 and 103), he did "striking likenesses in miniature profile in oil," charging for a full length two pounds five shillings and sixpence, and for a half length one pound two shillings and ninepence. Collis also painted transparencies for shops. The following year he was joined by one Campbell, and from the same address advertisements appeared from "Collis and Campbell" similar to the above ("Public Register, or Freeman's Journal," 1st June, 1779).

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