Henry Chaigneau, Landscape Painter

(fl. c. 1780-1792)

Landscape Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Was probably a member of the French family of Chaigneau, which was at first settled at Youghal, and afterwards in Dublin. He was born about 1760, and in 1776 entered the Dublin Society's Schools. In the following year he exhibited at the Society of Artists in William Street—being then, as stated in the catalogue, aged 17—a "View of the Gardens of Lord Mansfield's House at Kenwood," and a "Design in the Gothic Style." In 1780 he exhibited various pictures and drawings of buildings; but his name does not appear afterwards. In the National Gallery of Ireland is a water-colour drawing, "View of the Royal Exchange, Dublin," signed Thes. Heny. Chaigneau, 1792. There was a Theophilus Chaigneau, brother of the Rev. Peter Chaigneau (Secretary of the Dublin Society, died 1776), and son of David Chaigneau, M.P. for Gowran. The drawing may be by him, and he may be identical with Henry Chaigneau.

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